in the world of constant movement, only by stopping the time for a single moment you can deeper discover the uniqueness of its details

About Us

Denis Kulakov

As a dedicated traveler and photography enthusiast, I have honed my craft in the pursuit of preserving the world’s natural beauty, faithfully capturing scenes as they appear to the naked eye. My mission through the art of photography is to illuminate the critical need for the preservation of wildlife and the rich tapestry of cultural diversity.

Born in the USSR, I have since made Paris my home and the hub of my creative endeavors. From this international vantage point, I engage in photography projects across the globe and actively support projects focused on the compassionate reintroduction of wild animals into their native environments.

Kseniya Kulakova

Banker by day, photographer by heart, and a passionate explorer of life’s visual wonders, ever driven by wanderlust. 

Unlike my husband, I am only a photography amateur, having inherited that ‘sense of composition’ gene from my father, a documentary filmmaker. My post-graduate years were a reel journey at the international doc film festival, Flahertiana [].

Born in the Urals in time of the USSR, living in Paris, I’m chasing culture and diversity during my precious spare moments. I’m happily not alone in this visual journey—my husband and I frame life’s moments together, sharing the beauty we discover with you.